New Horizons in Charitable Giving

The Distributed Giving Project (DGP) leverages recent technological innovations to more effectively provide charitable donations to those in need.
Our pilot program, in partnership with the Denver Rescue Mission, provided 24 participants with access to funds they used to purchase food and drinks, toiletries, and other daily essentials from an approved vendor.

The key innovation behind our charity – blockchain technology – allows us to give users secure “wallets” which are remotely topped up with funds on a regular basis. Unlike physical cash, these funds can’t be lost or stolen – and they can’t be easily used to perpetuate substance abuse.

Our goal was to provide an easy way for disadvantaged and homeless individuals to better their lives. With fewer concerns about affording life’s basic necessities, DGP “clients” found themselves in a much better position to get off the streets and become vibrant, contributing members of our community.

To learn more about the unique concepts, opportunities, and challenges related to DGP, view our White Paper. Our FAQ also has additional explanations about how we facilitate cashless donations to our clients.


“DGP has been helpful. It relieved a lot of stress in my life.” – Adam L.

“It was a really good program…it was beneficial because we have no funds. I needed some hygiene products and was able to buy things like that.” – Johnny D.

“I’ve learned something I can take through life.” – Matthew M.

“DGP helped me out because I haven’t been able to find work. I have a lot of medical conditions, and it helped me get snacks to keep my sugar levels up.” – Eugene C.


Sasha Shtern

Sasha Shtern heads up Bath & Granite, a local retailer, distributor, and manufacturer of home improvement products. Walk into a Bath & Granite showroom to find bathroom and kitchen remodeling products you won’t find at big box retailers. Bath & Granite is able to offer this retail experience by vertically integrating warehouse distribution and manufacturing all under one roof.

Sasha is former president of the board of directors of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) of Colorado. EO Colorado provides support to entrepreneurs in the form of learning events and tight knit forums. While serving EO, Sasha travelled across the country speaking to small business owners looking to grow their businesses to over $1mil in sales.

Sasha is passionate about education policy and healthy eating for kids. He is a member of Colorado Succeeds and band member of Veggie Beats, where he stars as the disgruntled fantasy accordion player. In 2015 he co-founded Impact Makers Table, a nonprofit dedicated towards channeling data driven philanthropy.

In his free time Sasha is an advocate of cryptocurrency. He is an investor in Ethereum and Bitcoin. He also enjoys teaching his puppy new tricks, running around Sloans lake, and playing basketball. Sasha is also fluent in Russian and studied Mandarin in college. He holds of a Bachelors Degree in Finance from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt

Mike is an engineer by nature and enjoys the challenge of building and debugging complex systems. In his 15-year career he’s had the opportunity to create hardware for high-speed optical networking, embedded medical devices, and aerospace projects. Most recently he served as a Tech Lead at SEAKR Engineering, where his team developed an avionics package for the NASA Orion Crew Vehicle, designed to carry astronauts to asteroids and beyond in the 2020s.

Mike has a BS in Computer Engineering at NC State, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia. His interests include the intersection of smart contracts and embedded devices (IoT), and extending modern financial services to the unbanked.

In his free time Mike listens to a ridiculous amount of podcasts, enjoys hiking uphill with his black lab Sirocco and attempting yoga.

Coury Ditch

Coury Ditch

Coury Ditch is a Front Range native and all around Rocky Mountain hermit. His many years of studying Austrian Economics from the likes of Rothbard, Mises and Hoppe had led him halfway through the five stages of grief on the possibility of there ever being “sound money”. The discovery of cryptocurrency has since inspired optimism.

Coury serves as the technical lead for DGP, both architecting and coding the working prototype. Utilizing the services of Coinbase, Bitpay, Jaxx, block explorers, and numerous open source libraries, he was able to efficiently lose weeks of sleep and finally ship a prototype. During the day he serves as a System Administrator for NOAA in Boulder, CO where he helps climate scientists run weather models on very big computers, as well as extol the virtues of syntax highlighting in an environment where users still cling to writing Fortran on teletype monitors, and most importantly, show people with multiple PhD’s how to put pictures into powerpoint. He is also Systems Director for Movement Climbing Gyms, and is working on a software startup to “disturb” or “disrupt” or “whatever” the climbing industry.

His free time is spent accelerating a quickly deteriorating eyesight, mainly through a keen interest in functional programming (Elm, Haskel, Elixir). He is an avid rock climber, and can often be seen soloing up one of the iconic Flatirons. He is quite keen on many genres of music, and is an all around heavy metal fan. He knows one hard piano song, that is it.

Kent Barton

Kent Barton

Kent Barton works in the blockchain space, where he leverages 15 years of prior experience in marketing and finance. As the founder of Ethereum Denver – a community focused on educating developers and entrepreneurs about new developments in blockchain technology – he aims to position the city as a thriving hub of innovation within the industry. He’s been involved in a variety of related projects, including building a ratings protocol for crowdsale investments, working on the unique challenges of decentralized exchanges, and writing about real-time accounting systems for Bitcoin Magazine.

Born and raised in Denver, Kent has a Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado, and is a strong advocate for civil liberties, digital rights, and online privacy. When not busy working on the bleeding, often vertigo-inducing edge of tech, he devotes his time to making music and traveling abroad.

Shira Frank

Shira Frank

Shira brings over 15 years of work in politics, social change, women’s philanthropy, and fundraising with her to the Blockchain and Fin-Tech industries. Shira spent seven years as a Deputy Director for J Street—the single-largest pro-Israel PAC in the US—working to transform the way Congress and the Executive branch engage in the Middle East and to promote the creation of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. During Shira’s tenure, J Street partnered with the Obama Administration to successfully push the Iran-Nuclear deal through Congress and prevent a war with Iran. Shira holds a degree in Government and Political Theory from Smith College. She hails from the Redwood Coast of Arcata, CA and after spending eight years in our nation’s capital, she recently found her heart back in the wild west where she is currently living in Boulder, CO.